THE BOOK COLLECTOR is the only journal in the world that deals with book collecting, but it is much more than that – a bridge that joins together collectors, librarians and booksellers, and all who are interested in books, to have, to read, to enjoy in any way.

Published quarterly, THE BOOK COLLECTOR prints notoriously independent leading articles on matters, ranging from manuscript studies to national heritage policy. It publishes authoritative articles on subjects from medieval libraries to modern first editions, from the still contentious subject of the invention of printing to the crude but charming chapbooks printed today in the Nigerian town of Onitsha. It collects news and reviews of auctions, publications and trade catalogues, bibliographies and checklists, private press books, exhibitions, appointments, departures and deaths. It runs series on book collectors past and present, uncollected authors, unfamiliar libraries (public and private) and bookbindings new and old. Its ‘Bibliographical Notes and Queries’ provides an open forum, now on line.

THE BOOK COLLECTOR was launched in 1952, the year he wrote Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming. Its editor for many years, until his death in 1965, was John Hayward, the friend and muse of T. S. Eliot. For half a century it was then edited by Nicolas Barker, sometime publisher and first head of conservation at the British Library, abetted by an editorial board drawn from rare-book librarianship and the antiquarian book trade. In 2016 he handed over to James Fergusson, one of the founding staff of The Independent newspaper and a long-time dealer in rare books and manuscripts. The tone of THE BOOK COLLECTOR is scholarly, but not oppressively academic, with a plurality of contributors, unparochial in place or profession, whose common aim is to share their enthusiasms and knowledge about books, so as to be accessible to all. Its readers come from every continent.

THE BOOK COLLECTOR is handsomely produced, well designed and printed, on high-quality paper with numerous illustrations. After almost sixty-five years of publication it is established as a major resource of permanent value for book dealers, book scholars and book collectors.

THE BOOK COLLECTOR is published in March, June, September and December. It is available only by subscription, direct from the publisher or through booksellers and subscription agents. A sample copy of a recent issue will be gladly sent on request.


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