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'A little charity': Dr Johnson and his Household Michael Bundock 2020-03
'My Dearest Cheaty Meaty...' Daniel Waley 2011-02
'Rescuing Horace Walpole: the Achievement of W.S. Lewisi : a Review Peter Sabor 2019-04
'Sun Blest': a History of the Festival Publications Poetry Pamphlets Stephen Enniss 2019-02
'Another Jane' : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star C. Duff Stewart 1977-01
'For Love of the King', Who wrote it?* George Sims 1958-03
'His Hatband is Made of Diamondes': France's First English Textbook N. Stoughton 2011-01
'I Fear I am Altogether Done For': the Tribulations of Editing Evelyn's Diary Stephen Clarke 2009-02
'Love in Earnest' 1892: The Author's Copy David Hall 1978-02
'Things in Books' Clothing' Valerie Holman 1996-03
A (Dis)Association Copy Charles Elliott 2019-03
A 16th Century Warwickshire Library, a Problem of Provenance Paul Morgan 1973-03
A 17th Century Danish Publisher's Binding Heinz Pummer 1987-01
A Bibliographical Painting Dennis Rhodes 2012-02
A Binding by Germaine de Coster and Helène Dumas, 1961 Mirjam M. Foot 2020-01
A Binding by John Bateman for Lady Rogers, 1600: English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 133 Mirjam Foot 2018-01
A Binding by John Winstanley on The Monastery of Saint Weburgh: a Poem David Knott 2018-04
A Binding by Rose Adler and André Jeanne, 1931 Mirjam M. Foot 2019-03
A Binding for de Thou K. Limper-Herz 2011-02
A Binding for Matthew Parker by Jean de Planche, c. 1570 Mirjam Foot 2016-03
A Binding Made in Bologna c. 1550 Mirjam M. Foot 2020-03
A Binding Probably Made in Florence c. 1490 Mirjam Foot 2010-04
A Book-Hunter's Yesterdays Ian Jackson 2002-04
A Bookseller's Daybook of 1622* A.N.L. Munby 1954-04
A Cautionary Tale. Robin Raybould 2016-01
A Collection for All Time: John Wolfson's Bequest to Shakespeare's Globe Sheila Markham 2020-01
A Copy of Thomson's The Seasons at the Library Company of Philadelphia Sandro Jung 2020-02
A Danish Binding of 1602 Paul Morgan 1975-01
A Dibdin Rarity: George Lewis's 'Remarks' on his Dispute With Thomas Dibdin Marie Elena Korey 2018-04
A Friend of Gutta Percha J. Saumarez Smith 2016-02
A Gabriel Harvey Manuscript Brought to Light Alvan Bregman 2005-01
A Garland for Mr Hobson de Hamel and 4 more 2011-03
A Goethe Bibliography and Faust, Ein Fragment* P.H. Muir 1977-03
A Gothic Binding Anon 1947-03
A Grolier Imitation Binding by Charles Lewis between 1807 and 1836 Karen Limper-Herz 2020-02
A Hungarian Renaissance Binding in Oxford Marianne Rozsondai 1991-03
A is for Ape, Z is for Zeno Nigel Stoughton 2012-03
A Kailyard Curiosity Andrew Nash 2010-03
A Knockout Novel by a Compulsive Idler J. Saumarez Smith 2010-01
A Lewis Carroll Pamphlet S. Goodacre 1978-03

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