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16th Century Printing Press in Malta? 1955-01
1796 Edition of Walpole's Anecdotes: A Fifth Volume 1966-04
18th-Century Lancashire Editions of Bunyan's Works 1980-01
A 'Lost' Edition of Defoe's Roxana 1958-03
A 'Lost' Edition of Defoe's Roxana 1962-04
A 15th-Century MS of 'Les Sept Psaumes Allégorisés' 1962-04
A 16th-Century Warwickshire Library'; Addenda 1974-04
A 16th-Century Warwickshire Library'; Addenda 1992-03
A 16th-Century Warwickshire Library'; Shelf-Numbers 1974-04
A 17th-Century Bookseller's Circular 1962-04
A Baconian and Cervantes 1960-04
A Bewick Prospectus 1960-04
A Bewick Prospectus 1961-01
A Binding by Daniel Search 1959-02
A Book from Robert Boyle's Library 1970-04
A Bookseller's Donation-Label 1960-02
A Bookseller's Stamp 1953-03
A Bookseller's Stamp 1954-02
A Bookseller's Stamp 1955-03
A Cancel in the Boucher Molière, 1734 1965-03
A Chesterton Query 1971-02
A Collection of Poems by Several Hands...1693 1968-03
A Concealed Edition 1953-02
A Contract of Eternall Bond of Love, Confirmed by...' 1966-02
A Copy of Meredith's Poems 1851 1966-03
A Copy of Tennyson's The Princess 1848 1966-03
A Curious Form of Cancellation 1961-01
A Curious Form of Cancellation 1961-04
A Dashiell Hammett Omnibus 1962-02
A Dedication Grolier Discovered Recovered 1961-01
A Discovery in the Pepys Library 1953-04
A Forgotten Indiscretion 1964-04
A Funeral Poem to...The Earl of Lincoln 1959-04
A Ghost Laid 1964-03
A Ghost of Psyche? 1965-04
A Grammarian's Fraud 1960-02
A Lakeland Artist Identified 1994-02
A Landor Rarity 1954-01
A Late Use of a Crested Roll 1952-04
A Late Use of a Crested Roll 1953-02

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