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Swinburne's Poems and Ballads, 3rd Series 1889
Sterne: Sentimental Journey 1952-01
Dumas père, Translation Difficulties 1952-01
Thackeray, W.M. Pendennis 1952-01
Cary: Dante 1952-01
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1952-01
Thackeray, W.M. Rose and the Ring 1952-01
Francis Fawkes, 'The Brown Jug' 1952-01
Letters of Junius 1952-01
Thomas Jefferson Hogg 1952-01
Gutenberg Bible Census 1952-01
Early Trade Bindings 1952-01
Dumas père, La Maison de Savoie 1952-01
Isaac Taylor, Engravings by 1952-02
Francis Fawkes, 'The Brown Jug' 1952-02
Donne, Biathanatos 1952-02
Alice in Wonderland, Suppressed 1st Edition 1952-02
Thomas Jefferson Hogg 1952-02
Pope, 1708, Dialogue 2 1952-02
Bewick: Quadrupeds 1952-02
An Early Blurb 1952-02
Cary: Dante 1952-02
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1952-02
Binding Variant of Sturgis's Bedchamber 1952-02
The Infant Johnson 1952-03
Orley Farm: an Underline Variant 1952-03
William Collins's Odes, 1747 1952-03
Letters of Junius 1952-03
More Bee Books 1952-03
An Addition to Northup 1952-03
Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit, 1900-1902 1952-03
The 1748 Editions of The Castle of Indolence 1952-03
La Cava: or, Recollections of the Neapolitans 1952-03
John Bishop 1665-1737 1952-03
Pope, 1708, Dialogue 2 1952-03
Thomas Gabitus 1952-03
Bewick: Quadrupeds 1952-03
Sales Talk 1952-04
Thomas Gabitus 1952-04
Shakespeare's Sonnets 1952-04

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