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American Pub. of Marion Crawford's Marzio's Crucifix 1979-03
An 18th-Century List of Books with Prices 1964-01
An Addition to Northup 1952-03
An Anonymous and Undated Edinburgh Tract 1966-01
An Author's Imprimatur 1960-01
An Author's Imprimatur 1960-02
An Early Blurb 1952-02
An Early English Miscellany Printed Abroad 1953-01
An Early Example of Remaindering 1958-02
An Early Example of Remaindering 1961-04
An Early Ownership Rhyme 1953-01
An Early Ownership Rhyme 1953-03
An English ABC Imitating Handwriting' 1955-04
An Intermediate State of Donne's Paradoxes 1988-02
An International Binding Design 1963-02
An Irregular Copy of Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare 1962-04
An Unexplained 17th-Century Cancel 1960-02
An Unexplained 17th-Century Cancel 1961-01
An Unexplained 17th-Century Cancel 1962-03
An Unidentifiable English Binder 1961-02
An Unidentifiable English Binder 1962-01
An Unpublished Dibdin Fragment 1988-04
An Unrecorded Dalton Prospectus, 1808 1959-03
An Unrecorded Elzevier 1997-01
An Unrecorded Sassoon Item 1963-01
An Unrecorded Shaw Edition 1971-04
An Unrecorded Wiseian Issue 1969-03
An Unrecorded Wiseian Issue 1976-04
An Untraced 18th Century Catalogue 1961-02
An Unusual Form of Dating Quires 1961-02
Anne Onslow's Bequest of Books 2005-02
Annotated Copies of Hobbes's Leviathan, 1651 1964-02
Another Binding for Oliver Cromwell 1959-03
Another Copy of Hume's Abstract 1970-03
Archdeacon's Letters to Sir Samuel E. Brydges 1971-01
Arnold's 'Stanzas from Carnac' and 'A Southern Night' 1965-04
Arnold's On Home Rule for Ireland (1891) 1973-02
Arrest Notable...Paris 1637 1976-03
Auction Catalogue of Edw. Lewis c. 1735, Middleton MS 1986-04
Author of Padilla And Other Poems 1970-02

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