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Author's Certificate to Printer 1954-03
Authorship of Mafeesh 1976-03
Authorship of Poems in The Anti-Jacobin 1964-02
Autograph of Arnold's 'Sohrab and Rustum' 1963-04
Barrati's Late Travels into Ethiopia: a Forgery? 1981-04
Bartholomew Frye and 'Gerard B. Frye' 1989-01
Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit, 1900-1902 1952-03
Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit, 1900-1902 1953-01
Beaulieu Abbey Account Book (XIII) 1955-03
Beckford on Walpole 2010-02
Beckford's Vathek, 'Londres 1791' 1958-03
Beckford's Vathek, 'Londres 1791' 1962-02
Beckfordiana 1959-04
Beer at York Minster Library 1974-04
Betjemania 1960-02
Betjemania 1960-04
Bewick, Catanach and William Davison 1963-01
Bewick: Curious Shape of Parentheses 1955-01
Bewick: Quadrupeds 1952-02
Bewick: Quadrupeds 1952-03
Bibliography and Printing House' - Strahan Archives 1970-02
Bibliography of 'Estimate' Brown 1961-02
Bibliography of European Festival Books 1500-1800 1993-03
Bibliography of G.W.M. Reynolds 1963-03
Bibliography of Iris Murdoch 1982-02
Bibliography of Nathanael West 1962-03
Bibliography of Richard Hakluyt 1552-1616 1993-04
Binding in Oxford in A.D. 1520 1969-02
Binding Variant of Sturgis's Bedchamber 1952-02
Binding Variants in the Brontë's Poems 1953-03
Bindings by Gommar Estienne 1990-04
Bindings for Balthasar Fontfreyde 1983-03
Bindings with Device of a Pelican in its Piety 1967-04
Bindings with Device of a Pelican in its Piety 1968-03
Bindings with Device of a Pelican in its Piety 1989-03
Bindings with the 'Spes' Panel 1980-01
Blackmore, Fringilla 1895 1969-02
Blair's The Grave: the First Edition (1743) 1984-01
Blake Engraving in Bonnycastle's Mensuration, 1782 1963-02
Blake's 'Holy Thursday' in A. and J. Taylor's City Scenes 1960-01

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