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Bloomfield's Rural Tales, 1802 1959-04
Bloomfield's Rural Tales, 1802 1960-02
Bloomfield's Rural Tales, 1802 1962-02
Bloomfield's Rural Tales, 1802 1962-04
Blow Books 1993-03
Boerhaave's Elementa Chemiae, 1732 1959-04
Boerhaave's Elementa Chemiae, 1732 1960-01
Bolingbroke Letters on History 1738: A Special Copy 1968-03
Book Club in Huntingdon? 1956-01
Book Ownership and Admonitory Verses of c. 1800 1984-01
Book Prices Past 1966-03
Book-List from Hinton Charterhouse, 1343 1995-04
Bookplate of Philip Sidney, Fifth Earl of Leicester 1994-01
Books from Melville's Library 1963-02
Books Printed by Gerard Morrhuis 1980-04
Books with Illustrations by Fuseli 1958-03
Borrow's Lavengro and Faustus 1961-01
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1952-01
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1952-02
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1952-04
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1955-01
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1955-04
Boswell's Books 2014-03
Boswell's Crest 1952-04
Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, 1785, p. 299 1974-01
Boswell's Life of Johnson 1791, Vol. I with Cancellanda 1978-01
Bowen-Merrill Issue of Trilby 1994-03
Boz's Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi 1838 1966-03
Boz's Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi 1838 1967-01
Brant's Narrenschiff, 1494 1959-04
Breviarum Coloniense (Cologne 1478; GW 5305) 1967-04
Brief Instructions for Children 1955-01
Brief Instructions for Children 1956-01
Brief Instructions for Children 1956-03
Brief Instructions for Children 1956-04
Bristol Booksellers: G. & M. West and Wm. Gant 1976-02
British Museum Leaf from McClean 183 1972-01
Brownlow Waight 1986-02
Bruce Rogers Lectern Bible 1992-02
Bryron's The Corsair, 1814 1958-02

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