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A Bibliographical Catalogue of International Books on Food and Drink in the Lilly Library, by William Cagle, 1999 2001-01
A Bibliographical Collection of Books on Food and Drink, by William R. Cagle, 1990 1991-03
A Bibliography of Exploration, Adventure and Travel in the American West, 1800-1965, by Wagner and Camp. 4th edition, 1982 1985-01
A Bibliography of Francis Kirkman, by Strickland Gibson, 1949 1951-01
A Bio-Bibliography of Edward Jenner 1749-1823, by W.R. Le Fanu 1951-04
A Bloomsbury Iconography, by Elizabeth P. Richardson, 1989 1990-01
A Book of Alphabets, by Eric Gill, 1988 1990-03
A Catalogue of Nineteenth Century Printing Presses, by Harold E. Sterne, 2001 2002-02
A Catalogue of the Donations Made to Norwich City Library 1608-1656, by Joy Tilley, 2000 2001-04
A Catalogue of the Junius Spencer Morgan Collection of Virgil in Princeton University Library, by Craig Kallendorf, 2009 2011-01
A Celebration of Philadelphia Libraries, edited by Edwin Wolf 2nd, 1988 1989-04
A Chorus of Grammars: the Correspondence of George Hickes....edited by Richard L. Harris, 1992 1993-04
A Chronology and Calendar of Documents Relating to the London Book Trade 1641-1700, by D.F. McKenzie and Maureen Bell, 2005 2007-01
A Companion to the History of the Book, ed. Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose, 2020, 2 volumes 2020-01
A Complete List of Books by Enid Blyton, Foreword by Enid Blyton 1951-04
A Dictionary of British and Irish Travellers in Italy 1701-1800, compiled by John Ingamells, 1997 1999-04
A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology 1450-2000, by Peter Beal, 2008 2008-04
A Directory of Dealers in Secondhand and Antiquarian Books in the British Isles 1953-54, Sheppards Press, 1953 1953-03
A Directory of the Parochial Libraries of the Church of England and the Church in Wales, ed. revised by Michael Perkin, 2004 2005-04
A Divinity for all Persuasions: Almanacs and Early American Religious Life, by T.J. Tomlin, 2014 2016-01
A Garland for Jake Zeitlin, edited by J.M. Edelstein, 1967 1969-03
A Guide to Audubon's Birds of America: A Susanne M. Low, 2002 2003-03
A Guide to British Medieval Seals, by P.D.A. Harvey and Andrew McGuinness, 1996 1997-04
A Guide to English Illustrated Books 1536-1693, by Ruth Luborsky and Elizabeth Morley Ingram. 2 volumes, 1998 2000-03
A Hand-List of English Provincial Newspapers and Periodicals 1700-1760, by G.A. Cranfield, [1952] 1953-01
A History of Britain through Books 1900-1964, Christopher Tugendhat, 2019 2020-01
A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique, by Bernard Middleton, 1978 1978-04
A History of the Book in America, general editor David D. Hall, Vols IV and V, 2009 2010-04
A History of the Book in Australia, 1891-1945, edited by Martyn Lyons and John Arnold, n.d. 2003-02
A History of the Cambridge University Press, Vol 3, by David McKitterick, 2004 2008-01
A History of the Eragny Press 1894-1914, by Marcella D. Genz, 2004 2005-02
A History of the Golden Cockerel Press 1920-1960, by Roderick Cave and Sarah Manson, 2002 2004-01
A History of the Gregynog Press, by Dorothy A. Harrop, 1980 1981-02
A History of the Old English Letter Foundries, by Talbot Baines Reed, [1952] 1952-03
A La Recherche du Cabinet Titsingh, its History, Contents and Dispersal, by Frank Lequin, 2003 2007-01
A Large Private Park: The Collection of Archbishop William King (1650-1729), by Robert S. Matteson, 2003 2004-03
A Leaf from the Letters of St Jerome, First Printed c.1466-1467, with Essays by Jeremy Adams and John L. Sharpe III, 1981 1984-02
A Library-Keeper's Business: Essays Selected and Edited by Carol Z. Rothkopf, 2002 2003-04
A Life of Moe Moskowitz, Founder of Moe's Books 2017-02
A Literary Tour de Force: the World of Books on the Eve of the French Revolution, Robert Darnton, 2018 2020-01

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