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Bodleian Picture J.C. Buckler, 1811-1827, Nos 1 to 4 1951-04
Book Arts of Ispahan: Diversity and Identity in Seventeenth-Century Persia, by Alice Taylor, 1995 1997-02
Book Auction Records, Vol. 54, 1957-7, 1958 1958-02
Book Auction Records, Vol. 55, 1959 1959-02
Book Auction Records, Vol. 62, 1966 1966-03
Book Auction Records, Vol. 64, 1968 1968-04
Book Collecting and Scholarship: Essays by Theodore C.Blegen and others, 1954 1955-02
Book Collecting in Britain and Ireland, 1650-1850, Edited by Elizabethanne Boran, 2018 2019-03
Book Collecting, by Dr Chapman, John Hayward, John Carter and Michael Sadleir 1951-01
Book Jackets, Their History, Forms and Use, by G. Thomas Tanselle, 2011 2013-01
Book Makers: British Publishing in the Twentieth Century, by Ian Stevenson, 2010 2010-04
Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves, by John Plummer, 1964 1965-01
Book of Hours of the Emperor Maximilian I: Facsimile edited by Walter Strauss, 1974 1975-03
Book Restoration Unveiled: An Essential Guide for Bibliophiles, Sophie S.W. Bogle, 2019 2019-04
Book Trade, the Earliest Directory of, by John Pendred (1785), edited by Graham Pollard, 1956 1956-02
Book Typography 1815-1965 in Europe and the United States of America, by Kenneth Day, 1966 1967-04
Book-Collecting as a Hobby in... Letters to Everyman, by P.H. Muir, 2nd edn 1945 1947-01
Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840, by Charles Ramsden, 1954 1954-02
Bookbinders of Victorian London, by Maurice Packer, 1991 1993-01
Bookbinding in America 1680-1910, by John Dooley, 1983 1984-04
Bookbinding Materials and Techniques 1700-1920, by Margaret Lock, 2003 2004-04
Bookbindings and Rubbings in the Victoria and Albert Museum, by W.H. James Weale, 1962 1963-01
Bookbindings, by J.P.Harthan, [1952] 1952-01
Bookbindings: English Blind-Stamped Bindings, by J. Basil Oldham, [1952] 1952-03
Bookbindings: French and Italian Collectors and their Bindings from ...the Library of J.R. Abbey, by A.R.A. Hobson, 1953 1954-04
Bookbindings: Irish Bookbindings 1600-1800, by Maurice Craig [1953] 1954-03
Bookbindings: Twelve Books in Fine Bindings from the Library of J.W. Hely-Hutchinson, by Howard M.Nixon, 1953 1953-03
Bookman's Price Index, An Annual Guide...Edited by Daniel F. McGrath, 1965 1965-04
Bookman's Price Index: A Guide to the Values of Rare...Books, edited by Daniel McGrath, Vol. 11, [1976] 1977-02
Bookman's Progress: the Selected Writings of Lawrence Clark Powell, 1968 1969-01
Bookplates by Beilby and Bewick, a Biographical Dictionary 1760-1849, by Nigel Tattersfield, 1999 2000-04
Bookplates: a Selected, Annotated Bibliography of the Periodical Literature, edited by A.S. Arellanes, 1971 1973-01
Books and Bookmen in Early Modern Britain: Essays Presented to James P. Carley, Edited by Willoughby & Catto, 2018 2019-03
Books and Naturalists, by David Elliston Allen, 2010 2011-03
Books and Religious Devotion, by Allan F. Westphall, 2014 2015-02
Books and Society in History, edited by Kenneth E. Carpenter, 1983 1984-04
Books and the British Army in the Age of the American Revolution, by Ira D. Gruber, 2010 2011-02
Books and the Man, 1953 1954-02
Books as Weapons: Propaganda, Publishing and the Battle for Global Markets in...World War II, by John Hench, 2010 2011-03
Books for Colonial Readers: The Nineteenth-Century Australian Experience, by Wallace Kirsop, 1995 1996-04

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