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Byzance et le France Médiévale 1958-04
Byzantium 2009-01
Calcutta, City of Palaces 1990-04
Cambridge Illuminations 2005-04
Captain Marryat 1981-01
Carrington 1995-04
Carta Azzura: Hebrew Printing on Blue Paper 1995-03
Cartoons & Coronets: the Genius of Osbert Lancaster 2008-04
Casanova - La Passion de la Liberté 2011-04
Caxton Club: Disbound and Dispersed 2005-03
Caxtoniana 1976-03
Celebrating John Ruskin 1819-1900 2000-01
Censorship: 500 Years of Conflict 1985-03
Centenary of Lessing J. Rosenwald 1992-04
Charles Dickens 1970-04
Charles Dickens: a Key to Character 2012-04
Charlotte Brontë: 200th Anniversary of her Birth 2016-02
Chiaroscuro Woodcuts 2014-02
Children's Books at the Pierpont Morgan Library 1955-01
Children's Sports and Pastimes 2006-01
Chosen [Hebraica] 2007-03
Christmas Cards 2003-01
Churchill: the Evidence 1999-03
Churchill: the Power of Words 2012-02
Churchill: the Power of Words 2015-01
Churchill: The War Years 1998-01
Claire van Vliet and the Janus Press 2006-02
Classical Studies 1959-04
Collecting & Recollecting James Boswell, 1740-95 1995-04
Color Printing in England 1978-04
Colour and the Dutch Golden Age 2016-01
Colour: the Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts 2017-01
Colour: the Art and Science of Mediaeval Manuscripts 2016-04
Comics as Cultural Mythology 2005-04
Consuming Splendour: Luxury Goods in England 1580-1680 2005-04
Cooking the Books: Ron King and Circle Press 2011-01
Cornwallis Harris and the British Mission to Shewa 1841-3 2008-01
Coronation Exhibition [1953] 1953-02
Counterfeiting - No Thanks! 2011-04
Creating America 1992-04

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