Sales by Author, Title, Subject and Collection

This index is compiled from the sales reports published in every issue of The Book Collector. These reports have themselves been assembled principally from eye-witness accounts by our correspondents. It is therefore a record of context as much as of cost. Who was bidding against whom, what was sold afterwards, the cataloguing errors, extraordinary provenances, rarity considered objectively - so on and suchlike. Some account of this system can be found in The Price of Passion ( 2016-04).

Entries are differentiated between Author, Title, Subject and Collection. It should be noted, however, that in the case of most classical texts and many cartographers, the author is also the title.

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An asterisk (*) against an entry indicates that issue of The Book Collector is no longer available in print.

Title Sales Category Sale Price PDF File
The Complete Planter and Cyderist 1685 Book Title Subscribe
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Canaletto, Giovanni Antonio Canal Author 1998-01
Mendel, Gregor Author 2004-03
Ephemera Subject 1977-02
Catesby, Mark Author 2010-04
Jarry, Nicolas Author 1996-03
Millay, Edna St Vincent Author 1960-03
Evelyn, Mary Author 2004-03
Le Diverse et Artificiose Machine 1588 Book Title Subscribe
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Radiguet, Raymond Author 2016-01
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding 1689 Book Title 2006-03
Champier, Symphorien Author 2015-02
Nouvelle Collection de Quarante-deux Vues de Saint-Petersbourg 1826 Book Title Subscribe
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Fêtes Gallantes 1869 Book Title 1952-03
Reis, Piri Author 2013-03
The Moonstone 1868 Book Title Subscribe
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Children Subject 1995-03
Richard III Author Subscribe
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Ars Cabalistica 1587 Book Title Subscribe
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The Rash Duellist Disected 1673 Book Title Subscribe
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Clavis Mathematicae 1652 Book Title Subscribe
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Kerouac, Jack Author 2013-03
Fragments on the Theory...of Gardening 1816 Book Title 1997-01
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Author 2013-02
Atomic Bomb Subject 2007-01
Cognacq, Gabriel Collection 1952-03
Indianische Historia 1557 Book Title Subscribe
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L'Art d'Etre Grand-Père 1877 Book Title 2008-01
Natural History Subject 2005-03
Furttenbach, Joseph Author 2008-01
Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur Author 2005-02
Newton, Sir Isaac Author 1963-01
Tenores Nouelli 1481 Book Title Subscribe
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Sassoon [Hebraica] Collection 1990-01
Bach, Karl Philipp Emanuel Author 2013-01
Selkirk, Alexander Author 2005-01
Goos, Pieter Author 2011-03
Les Mystères de la Forêt 1798 Book Title Subscribe
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Dance, James Author 2005-04
Medicean Arabic Gospels 1591 Book Title Subscribe
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