Sales by Author, Title, Subject and Collection

This index is compiled from the sales reports published in every issue of The Book Collector. These reports have themselves been assembled principally from eye-witness accounts by our correspondents. It is therefore a record of context as much as of cost. Who was bidding against whom, what was sold afterwards, the cataloguing errors, extraordinary provenances, rarity considered objectively - so on and suchlike. Some account of this system can be found in The Price of Passion ( 2016-04).

Entries are differentiated between Author, Title, Subject and Collection. It should be noted, however, that in the case of most classical texts and many cartographers, the author is also the title.

When typing an author's name into the Search bar please do so either as Smith, John or as Smith or as John.

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An asterisk (*) against an entry indicates that issue of The Book Collector is no longer available in print.

Title Sales Category Sale Price PDF File
Campion, Thomas Author 1974-01
Private Presses Subject 2000-01
India Subject 2011-01
Yeats, W.B. Author 1990-03
Encyclopédie 1751/80 Book Title 1970-02
Medieval Subject 2009-01
Astronomy, Cosmography & Astrology Subject 1998-03
Cassini, Giovanni Author 2004-03
Pyramidographia 1646 Book Title Subscribe
to View
James, Henry Author 2006-01
The Drums of Father Ned 1960 Book Title 1982-03
Seven Pillars of Wisdom 1926 Book Title 1989-01
Euclid 1570 Author Subscribe
to View
Metamorphoses 1505 & 1553 Book Title 2013-02
Aldine Plato 1513 Book Title Subscribe
to View
Cervantes, Miguel de Author 2013-01
John Halifax, Gentleman 1856 Book Title 1971-01
The Happy Prince and Other Tales 1888 Book Title Subscribe
to View
Cokaine, Sir Aston Author 1961-02
Fauré, Gabriel Author 1996-03
Miniatures Subject 1987-02
Autographs Subject 2000-01
Cherokee petition Subject Subscribe
to View
Religious works Subject 2013-03
Joyce, James Author 2016-01
The Life of Alexander Smith, Captain of the Island of Pitcairn 1819 Book Title 1996-02
Fléchier, Esprit Author 2015-03
Montemar, Duke of Subject 1973-03
Barlaeus, Caspar Author 1977-01
Chronological History of the Discoveries...Pacific Ocean 1803/17 Book Title 1953-02
Robinson Crusoe 1719 Book Title Subscribe
to View
Kelmscott Chaucer 1896 Book Title 1996-01
The North American Indian 1907/30 Book Title 1972-04
Some Account of the Province of Pensilvania 1681 Book Title 2009-01
Forster, E.M. Author 2002-01
Beckett, Samuel Author 2009-03
Clavier-übung 1731 Book Title 1953-01
Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, The Collection 1969-02
Koran, The Subject 1969-04
The Scholemaster 1570 Book Title 1973-01

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