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This index is compiled from the sales reports published in every issue of The Book Collector. These reports have themselves been assembled principally from eye-witness accounts by our correspondents. It is therefore a record of context as much as of cost. Who was bidding against whom, what was sold afterwards, the cataloguing errors, extraordinary provenances, rarity considered objectively - so on and suchlike. Some account of this system can be found in The Price of Passion ( 2016-04).

Entries are differentiated between Author, Title, Subject and Collection. It should be noted, however, that in the case of most classical texts and many cartographers, the author is also the title.

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Titlesort descending Sales Category Sub Category Sale Price PDF File
Verga, Giovanni & Capuana, Luigi Author A collection of letters Subscribe
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Verismo School Subject 2012-02
Verlaine, Paul Book Title A letter regarding Baudelaire's funeral Subscribe
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Verlaine, Paul Author 1952-03
Verlaine, Paul Author 'Les sept vieillards' Subscribe
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Verlaine, Paul Author 1973-03
Verlaine, Paul Author Six-page letter about Rimbaud Subscribe
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Verlaine, Paul Author 1999-01
Verlaine, Paul Author 2000-01
Verlaine, Paul Author 2006-03
Verlaine, Paul Author 'Poèmes Saturniens' 1866, with a Saint-Beuve letter bound in Subscribe
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Verlaine, Paul Author Manuscript of 'D'Auculnes' Subscribe
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Verlaine, Paul Author 2015-01
Verlaine, Paul Author His first poem Subscribe
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Verlaine, Paul Book Title 'Poèmes Saturniens' 1866, presentation copy Subscribe
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Vermont statehood Subject Four pp from Congress Subscribe
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Verne, Jules Author Une Fantaisie de Docteur Ox' Subscribe
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Verne, Jules Author A story Subscribe
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Verne, Jules Author 2015-01
Verne, Jules Author 2016-01
Veronese, Paolo Author Letter complaining of ill-health Subscribe
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Veronese, Paolo Author 1961-02
Veronese, Paulo Author Letter about chocolate Subscribe
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Vers l'Armée de Metier 1934 Book Title Given by De Gaulle to Pétain and taken by him to the Ile d'Yeu Subscribe
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Versailles gospel-book 1725 Book Title Illuminated for Maria Leczinka Subscribe
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Versailles, Palace & Gardens Subject Coloured plans of the gardens c.1688-1711 Subscribe
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Versailles, Palace & Gardens Subject 2011-02
Verschaffelt, Ambroise Author 1988-02
Verses by a Young Nobleman 1736 Book Title Subscribe
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Verses on Various Occasions 1868 Book Title Subscribe
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Vershbow, Arthur & Charlotte Collection 2013-02
Vershbow, Arthur & Charlotte Collection 2013-03
Vershbow, Arthur & Charlotte Collection 2014-01
Versuch einer Allegorie 1766 Book Title Winckelmann's own copy Subscribe
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Versuche über Pflanzenhybriden 1866 Book Title 1999-01
Versuche über Pflanzenhybriden 1866 Book Title Subscribe
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Versuche über Pflanzenhybriden 1866 Book Title Subscribe
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Vertue, George Author Two volumes, Walpole's copies Subscribe
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Vertue, George Author 2014-04
Verve 1936/60 Book Title Subscribe
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