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Title Author Dealer View PDF
20th Century Architecture Hugh Pagan 85 2017-04
20th-Century Literature [of Importance] Quaritch 1237 1997-03
20th-Century Russian Literature Quaritch 1996-03
20th-Century Russian Literature Quaritch 2009-01
21 Important Mathematical Books Andrew Hunter no. 4 2005-01
300 Years of St Petersburg through Western Eyes 2003-04
300 Years of Ukrainian Emigré Political Culture 2011-01
350 Years of Western Exploration and Adventuring in Africa Shapero 2017-03
400 Years of Collecting: The Bodleian Library 1602-2002 2002-04
45 Years in the Rare Book World 1971-2016 Jonathan Hill 2017-02
5 Centuries of Medicine Webb Dordick 2012-01
50 Manic-Depressive Geniuses Lakin & Marley no. 3 1995-03
50 Medieval and Renaissance MSS Kraus 1959-01
500 Years of Donations [to Glasgow University Library] 1976-01
500 Years of the Art of the Book in Ireland 1997-01
500th Anniversary of the Birth of John Calvin 2009-04
54 Portraits of Race Horses 1740/51 2006-02
57 Books by, for and about Women Stuart Bennett 2013-03
600 Years of Cambridge University Library 2002-04
700 Years of Scientific and Medical Illustration 1999-03
A Geographical Historie of Africa 1600 1977-01
A 'Lost' Edition of Defoe's Roxana 1958-03
A 'Lost' Edition of Defoe's Roxana 1962-04
A 15th-Century MS of 'Les Sept Psaumes Allégorisés' 1962-04
A 16th Century Warwickshire Library, a Problem of Provenance Paul Morgan 1973-03
A 16th-Century Warwickshire Library'; Addenda 1974-04
A 16th-Century Warwickshire Library'; Addenda 1992-03
A 16th-Century Warwickshire Library'; Shelf-Numbers 1974-04
A 17th Century Danish Publisher's Binding Heinz Pummer 1987-01
A 17th-Century Bookseller's Circular 1962-04
A Babylonian Talmud 1644-47 2018-01
A Baconian and Cervantes 1960-04
A Battle-door for Teachers 1660 2008-03
A Bear Called Paddington 1958 2007-01
A Bewick Prospectus 1960-04
A Bewick Prospectus 1961-01
A Bibliographical Catalogue of International Books on Food and Drink in the Lilly Library, by William Cagle, 1999 2001-01
A Bibliographical Collection of Books on Food and Drink, by William R. Cagle, 1990 1991-03
A Bibliographical Painting Dennis Rhodes 2012-02
A Bibliography of Exploration, Adventure and Travel in the American West, 1800-1965, by Wagner and Camp. 4th edition, 1982 1985-01

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