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A la Recherche du Temps Perdu 1913/27 1999-01
A la Recherche du Temps Perdu 1913/27 2007-03
A la Recherche du Temps Perdu 1913/27 2016-01
A la Recherche du Temps Perdu 1913/27 2017-02
A la Recherche du Temps Perdu 1918/27 1954-02
A Lady's Tour Round Monte Rosa 1859 2010-02
A Lakeland Artist Identified 1994-02
A Landor Rarity 1954-01
A Large Declaration Concerning the Late Tumults in Scotland 1639 2007-02
A Large Private Park: The Collection of Archbishop William King (1650-1729), by Robert S. Matteson, 2003 2004-03
A Late Use of a Crested Roll 1952-04
A Late Use of a Crested Roll 1953-02
A Leaf from the Letters of St Jerome, First Printed c.1466-1467, with Essays by Jeremy Adams and John L. Sharpe III, 1981 1984-02
A Lecture on Bookbinding 1885 2005-03
A Lecture on Bookbinding 1885 2007-03
A Letter from Mr Dalrymple 1773 2014-02
A Letter from T.E. Lawrence to his Mother 1936 2007-01
A Letter from the Antarctic 1901 2014-04
A Letter on the Abolition of the Slave Trade 1807 2008-03
A Letter to a Friend upon Occasion of the Death of his Intimate Friend 1690 1952-02
A Lewis Carroll Pamphlet S. Goodacre 1978-03
A Libel of Spanish Lies 1596 2004-03
A Library-Keeper's Business: Essays Selected and Edited by Carol Z. Rothkopf, 2002 2003-04
A Life of Moe Moskowitz, Founder of Moe's Books 2017-02
A Little Book for Little Children 1660 1973-02
A Little Injudicious Levity* Rupert Hart-Davis 1972-01
A Little Known Incident of Plagiarism in the Career of Arthur Rackham Jesse Mann 1996-02
A Little Pretty Pocket-Book c.1785 1977-01
A London Life 1888 2005-03
A Lost Drawing by Taddeo Zuccaro 1963-02
A Lume Spento 1908 1985-02
A Lume Spento 1908 2004-02
A Lume Spento 1908 2011-03
A Luneburg Binding By B.R., 1567 , English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 132 Karen Limper-Herz 2017-04
A Lytel Treatyse of Astronomy 1552 1974-03
A Man of Honour 1903 1956-01
A Manual of Gold and Silver Coins of all Nations 1842 2016-04
A Manual of Parliamentary Practice 1801 2010-01
A Manual of Prayers....his Majesty's Command 1687 2004-01
A Manuscript by Peter Meghen J.B. Trapp 1975-01

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