Video: Joseph Banks' Florilegium (part 2)

Joseph Banks Florilegium Part 2
by Anke Timmermann

The Making of Joseph Banks' Florilegium, Part II: 1771 to 1990

Joseph Banks’ botanical discoveries during the Endeavour voyage of 1768-71 revolutionised European understanding of natural history. But it took more than 200 years to realise his plans for a scientific catalogue of botanical finds from around the world.

Dr Anke Timmermann FLS here explains how two sets of craftsmen worked across two centuries, and for more than two decades combined, to produce Joseph Banks' Florilegium.

This is the second of a 2-part video on Banks' Florilegium. You can watch the first part here > 

The two videos accompany Type & Forme's virtual exhibition 'Joseph Banks: A Lincolnshire Botanist in Australia, which celebrates the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's arrival in Australia.

The exhibition and further materials are available at


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