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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Shaddy, Robert Alan Contributors and Reviewers 1995-03
Bookbindings, English, Pt 03* (Montagu for Thos Hollis, 1758) Articles Howard Nixon 1952-03
Limper-Herz, Karen Contributors and Reviewers 2014-02
Bibliography Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Maggs no. 1087 1988-03
Dobie, James Frank Contributors and Reviewers 1961-02
Brian McAvera Contributors and Reviewers 2017-04
The Universal Penman, Foreword by Philip Hofer, [1954] Books Reviewed 1955-02
Picturing Africa: Illustrating Livingstone's Travels Exhibitions 2013-03 Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the House of Longman, 1734-1974, edited by Asa Briggs, 1974 Books Reviewed 1975-04
Russell, R.B. & Parker, Rosalie Contributors and Reviewers 2016-03
Lyrical Ballads 1798, Page 63* Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1976-03
The 'Curious and Valuable' Library of Ebenezer Mussell Articles M. Connolly 2013-01
Yates, Frances A. Contributors and Reviewers 1958-03
Books and Pamphlets 1576-1827 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jarndyce 2017-02
Wilde, Oscar Author Bibliographies 1967-04
Chorégraphie: Dance Notation of the 18th Century* Articles F.D. De Moroda 1967-04
Nixon, Howard M. Contributors and Reviewers 1962-03
By and about Women Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Stuart Bennett no. 14 1988-02
Goodacre, Selwyn H. Contributors and Reviewers 1978-03
Pamphlets & Broadsides 1688-89 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Faulkner Greirson 1986-04
Barber, Peter Contributors and Reviewers 2012-03
Osnovnye Metody Fotograficheskogo Vyyavleniya Ugasshikh Tekstove [by] D.P. Erastov, 1958 Books Reviewed 1960-01
The School Press Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1954-01
Twelve Hundred [1200] Articles Nicolas Barker 1968-02
Schäfer, Otto Obituaries 1912-2000 2000-04
Census of Printers' Catalogues Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1997-02
Artists of the Book in Britain in the Fifteenth Century Articles Nicolas Barker 1998-01
Rubinstein, Nicolai Contributors and Reviewers 1967-01
Bibliophiles Pt 33 (Frank W. Reed) Articles Donald Kerr 1996-01
King, Edmund Contributors and Reviewers 2013-01
Law, Diplomacy and Political Science Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Kraus 199 1996-01
Croft, Justin Contributors and Reviewers 2014-02
The Library of Isaac Newton, by John Harrison, 1978 Books Reviewed 1980-04
Livres d'Enfants, Livres d'Images Exhibitions 1990-04
Die Illuminierten Handschriften der Wurttembergischen Lanxdesbibliotek Stuttgart. Volume 2, Pt 2, 1987 Books Reviewed 1990-01
John A Symonds: The 'Peccant' Pamphlets Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1964-02
Marx & Engels* Articles Anonymous 1969-02
Whalley, George Contributors and Reviewers 1961-03
Gissing, George Author Bibliographies 1986-03
A Bookseller's Daybook of 1622* Articles A.N.L. Munby 1954-04

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