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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Sterne's A Sentimental Journey Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Ken Spelman no. 53 2005-02
Keynes, Sir Geoffrey Contributors and Reviewers 1973-02
The Kilgour Collection of Russian Literature, 1750-1920: with Notes...compiled by C-ess Stenbock-Fermor and W.B. Todd, 1959 Books Reviewed 1959-02
Cox, Charles Contributors and Reviewers 2012-03
Descriptive Catalogue of the pre-1868 Japanese Books, Manuscripts and Prints S.O.A.S., by D.G. Chibbett, 1976 Books Reviewed 1977-01
Letterwriting in Renaissance England Exhibitions 2005-01
Orley Farm: an Underline Variant Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1952-03
Picturesque Scenery of the Lake District, Pt 2 Articles Peter Bicknell 1987-02
Bindings, Hollis Bindings at Berne* Articles Charles Ramsden 1958-02
Wells, James Contributors and Reviewers 1959-02
Donne, John Author Bibliographies 1958-04
Printing in Venice 1476-1840 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Richard Hatchwell 1998-01
Muir, P.H. Contributors and Reviewers 1975-03
Library of Diana Parikian Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Christopher Edwards no. 60 2014-03
Franklin, Simon Contributors and Reviewers 2000-04
Library of the Medical Institution of Yale College and Its Catalogues of 1865, by Frederick G. Kilgour, 1960 Books Reviewed 1961-02
William Walton, Composer Exhibitions 2002-04
Wade's Yeats Revised Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1983-04
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 19* (Batthyaneum, Alba Julia) Articles Iacob Mȃrza 1975-04
Elkin Mathews Pt 6* ("Worthington") Articles P.H. Muir 1953-02
Minet, Paul Obituaries 1937-2012 2012-02
Contemporary Collectors Pt. 67 (Jeremy Miles) Articles Sheila Markham 2017-01
Bibliography of G.W.M. Reynolds Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1963-03
Author Societies: The Dymock Poets Articles James Fergusson 2010-03
Raybould, Robin Contributors and Reviewers 2016-01
Johann Friedrich Blumenbach Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jeremy Norman 1980-01
Immel, Andrea Contributors and Reviewers 2008-01
The Consul Smith Collection: Masterpieces of Italian Drawing from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle, 1989 Books Reviewed 1991-01
Carter, John Contributors and Reviewers 1969-01
Catalogue of the Spencer Collection of Early Children's Books and Chapbooks, compiled by David Good, 1967 Books Reviewed 1968-03
Handmade Readings Exhibitions 1995-03
Barker, Nicolas Contributors and Reviewers 1994-04
Marivaux: Le Paysan Parvenu Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1956-03
National Trust Libraries: Pt 07 Sheringham Park Articles Mark Purcell 2016-01
McGhee, Fergus Contributors and Reviewers 2016-03
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 048 (By James Partridge ?) Articles John Collins 1989-02
Thomson, R.M. Contributors and Reviewers 2011-04
The World Beyond Europe 1478-1699 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Quaritch 1112 1989-04
Middleton, Bernard C. Contributors and Reviewers 1968-02
The Powys Family Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Bertram Rota no. 244 1988-01

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