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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Jackson, Ian Contributors and Reviewers 1992-01
G.V.M. Heap's Library Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject John Bevan 1981-04
Carter, Sebastian Contributors and Reviewers 2013-01
The Corvinus Press: a History and Bibliography, by Nash and Flavell, 1994 Books Reviewed 1995-04
Barker, Nicolas Contributors and Reviewers 1997-02
Henry VIII: Vivat Rex! The 500th Anniversary Exhibitions 2009-02
Cecily Mary Barker and her Art, by Jane Laing, 1995 Books Reviewed 1996-02
Russell, R.B. & Parker, Rosalie Contributors and Reviewers 2016-03
Popular Publishing in Nigeria and Ghana Articles Stephanie Newell 2000-01
Mayne's Part of Lucian Made English 1663 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1969-01
Trapp, J.B. Contributors and Reviewers 1997-02
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 055 (London Bindings 1610) Articles David Pearson 1991-02
Mitchell, Breon Contributors and Reviewers 2012-03
Mountaineering Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Quaritch 1312 2003-04
Foot, Mirjam (see also Romme, M.) Contributors and Reviewers 1979-03
Scandinavica Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Björck & Börjesson no. 521 1988-02
The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe Exhibitions 2004-01
Jane Austen: a Family record, by William Austen-Leigh and R.A. Austen-Leigh....Deirdre Le Faye, 1989 Books Reviewed 1990-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 13 (William Winwood Reade) Articles J.S.L. Gilmour 1957-01
Thomas Jefferson Hogg Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1952-01
Akenside's Odes on Several Subjects (1745) Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1984-03
Israel, Max Obituaries 1916-2001 2002-03
D.J. Butterfield, A Classical Library Articles D.J. Butterfield 2010-01
Piggott, Jan Contributors and Reviewers 1999-04
Books in my Life Articles Janet Adam Smith 1988-04
Holland, David Contributors and Reviewers 1955-01
The Tulsa School Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject James Jaffe 2011-04
Brown T.J. Contributors and Reviewers 1961-03
St Margaret's Gospel-Book, by Rebecca Rushworth, 2007 Books Reviewed 2008-02
E.E. Cummings/ one hundred Exhibitions 1994-04
Books for Sale: The Advertising and Promotion of Print since the Fifteenth Century, edited by Robin Myers and others, 2009 Books Reviewed 2010-02
A Manuscript by Peter Meghen Articles J.B. Trapp 1975-01
Jonathan Edwards MSS and Books from his Library Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1964-01
Sinclair, K.V. Contributors and Reviewers 1962-03
Bookbindings, English, Pt 94 (John Bohn) Articles Howard Nixon 1975-03
McKitterick, David Contributors and Reviewers 1996-02
18th-Century Ireland Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject P. & B. Rowan no. 31 1986-03
Evans, N. Carol Contributors and Reviewers 1974-03
William Tinsley, 'Speculative Publisher', commentary by Peter Newbolt with a check-list 1854-1888, 2001 Books Reviewed 2005-01
T.S. Eliot the Publisher Exhibitions 2009-04

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