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Letterwriting in Renaissance England Exhibitions 2005-01
William Walton, Composer Exhibitions 2002-04
Handmade Readings Exhibitions 1995-03
The Secrets of Archimedes Exhibitions 2012-01
Disraeli: Scenes from an Extraordinary Life Exhibitions 2004-01
Struggle for Britain's Freedoms and Rights Exhibitions 2008-04
Bob Dylan's American Journey, 1956-1966 Exhibitions 2006-04
Pietro Bembo e l'Invenzione del Rinascimento Exhibitions 2013-02
A Book of Her Own Exhibitions 2006-01
London: a Life in Maps Exhibitions 2007-01
How Do I Love Thee? Exhibitions 1996-03
The World of John Bartholemew & Son Exhibitions 2013-02
Edward Lear Bicentenary Exhibitions 2012-04
Thames Frost Fairs Exhibitions 1997-01
British Printing: The Classical Period, 1790-1830 Exhibitions 1994-01
Pushkin and his Friends Exhibitions 1988-02
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition Exhibitions 2009-02
Mardersteig Exhibitions 1989-04
Irish Literature 1950-2000 Exhibitions 2002-02
Tolerance in an Age of Persecution Exhibitions 2004-03
Evolving English Exhibitions 2011-01
The Circle of Knowledge Exhibitions 1969-01
Centenary of Lessing J. Rosenwald Exhibitions 1992-04
Reynold Stone Exhibitions 1981-04
American Songbook: Popular Songs from Tin Pan Alley onwards... Exhibitions 2006-03
Medieval French Illuminated Manuscripts Exhibitions 1954-03
John Milton 1608-2008 Exhibitions 2008-02
Victoria and Albert: Art and Love Exhibitions 2010-01
Focusing on the Eighteenth Century Exhibitions 1993-04
The Glorious Revolution: 1688 Exhibitions 1988-04
Color Printing in England Exhibitions 1978-04
Russian Futurists Exhibitions 1979-01
Art Nouveau Bookbinding in Belgium, 1893-1900 Exhibitions 2010-04
Mrs Mary Delany and the Duchess of Portland Exhibitions 2010-02
Bedlam: the Asylum and Beyond Exhibitions 2016-04
Laurie Lee: Memories of War Exhibitions 2014-03
Western Appreciation of Arab and Islamic Civilisation Exhibitions 2011-01
German Fine Printing Exhibitions 1970-03
The Natural History of Charles Darwin Exhibitions 2010-01
Darwin Exhibitions 2009-02

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