Sales by Author, Title, Subject and Collection

This index is compiled from the sales reports published in every issue of The Book Collector. These reports have themselves been assembled principally from eye-witness accounts by our correspondents. It is therefore a record of context as much as of cost. Who was bidding against whom, what was sold afterwards, the cataloguing errors, extraordinary provenances, rarity considered objectively - so on and suchlike. Some account of this system can be found in The Price of Passion ( 2016-04).

Entries are differentiated between Author, Title, Subject and Collection. It should be noted, however, that in the case of most classical texts and many cartographers, the author is also the title.

When typing an author's name into the Search bar please do so either as Smith, John or as Smith or as John.

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An asterisk (*) against an entry indicates that issue of The Book Collector is no longer available in print.

Title Sales Category Sub Category Sale Price View PDF
Historia Real Sagrada, Luz de Principes 1643 First book printed in Puebla Subscribe
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The Miscellanies of Politian 1489 Subscribe
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Fleming, Ian Author His letters to Percy Muir Subscribe
to View
Duchamp, Marcel Author Letters to Maria Martins Subscribe
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Adams, John, President Author Letter to Benjamin Rush Subscribe
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Linschoten, Jan Huyghen Author 2008-01
Brueghel, Peter (the Elder) Author 'The Seven Deadly Sins' 1558 Subscribe
to View
Haydn, Joseph Author Timpani & trumpet parts for Symphony no. 90 Subscribe
to View
Galsworthy, John Author 1984-03
Wied, Prince Maximilian zu Author 2005-01
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Author Letter to Thoreau, 1843 Subscribe
to View
Montagu, Edwin Author 2003-01
Denton, Daniel Author 1987-03
Mandeville, Sir John de Author Incomplete but unrecorded 'Travels' Subscribe
to View
Stoker, Bram Author 1997-01
Carroll, Lewis Author Flodden Heron's collection 1957-03
Hondius, Jodocus Author The 1633 Atlas Subscribe
to View
Audubon, John James Author Journal of his voyage to Britain Subscribe
to View
Ptolemy 1513 Author Strasbourg Subscribe
to View
Beethoven, Ludwig van Author Autograph working manuscript for op.127 Subscribe
to View
Peacock, Thomas Love Author 1984-04
Fielding, Henry Author 2016-01
Vespucci, G. Author 1998-01
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Author Letter about his sick son, 1876 Subscribe
to View
Maupassant, Guy de Author 2016-01
Lewis & Clark 1814 Author Subscribe
to View
Sherman, William, General Author 57 field orders May-November 1864 Subscribe
to View
Brontë, Charlotte Author Three letters to Ellen Nussey inserted in Mrs Gaskell's 'Life' Subscribe
to View
Pocock, Nicholas Author 1957-01
Frost, Robert Author 1962-03
Wells, H.G. Author 1969-04
Eliot, T.S. Author 'The Waste Land', specially transcribed to benefit The London Library Subscribe
to View
Debussy, Claude Author Autograph of Pelléas et Melisande Subscribe
to View
St Francis Author 1954-02
Joyce, James Author 1987-03
Hobbes, Thomas Author 2012-03
Zainer, Gunther Author 1973-02
Dodens, Rembert Author 1983-03
D'Abbeville, Claude Author 2008-01
Charles I Author A request to Prince Rupert to 'restraine plundering' Subscribe
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