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Bookseller as Rogue: John Almon and the Politics of Eighteenth-Century Publishing, by Deborah Rodgers, 1986 1988-02
Bookworms: The Insect Pests of Books, by Norman Hicken, 1985 1986-03
Börsenblatt für den Deutschen Buchhandel, 1959 1959-04
Bound to be Modern: Publishers' Cloth Bindings and the Material Culture of the Book, 1840-1914, by Kristina Lundblad, 2015 2015-04
Breaking the Mould: the First Hundred Years of Lithography, 2000 2003-02
Bristol: Borrowings from the Bristol Library 1773-1784, A Unique Record, by Paul Kaufman, 1959 1960-03
Britain in Pictures, a History and Bibliography, 1995 1995-04
British and American Sporting Henry Higginson 1951-03
British Architectural Books and Writers 1556-1785, by Eileen Harris, 1990 1992-01
British Bee Books, a Bibliography 1500-1976, by Dr Eva Crane, 1979 1982-02
British Bookbindings Presented by Kenneth H. Oldaker to the Library of Westminster Abbey, by Howard Nixon, 1982 1984-04
British Botanical and Horticultural Literature Before Blanche Henrey. 3 volumes, 1975 1977-02
British Children's Fiction in the Second World War, by Owen Dudley Edwards, 2007 2008-03
British Civil Engineering 1640-1840, a Bibliography, by A.W. Skempton, 1987 1987-04
British Literary Magazines, edited by Alvin Sullivan. Volume 1, 1698-1788, Volume 2, 1789-1836. 2 volumes, 1983 1985-03
British Map Engravers: A Dictionary of Engravers, Lithographers... By Laurence Worms and Ashley Baynton-Williams, 2011 2012-02
British Private Press Prospectuses, 1891-2001, by David Butcher, 2001 2002-03
British Wood-Engraved Book Illustration, 1904-1940, by Joanna Selborne, 1998 2001-03
Brought to Book: Print in Ireland 1680-1784 by Toby Barnard, 2017 2018-04
Broxbourne Library, Styles and Design of Bookbindings, 12th to 20th Century, by Howard M. Nixon. 300 copies, 1956 1957-02
Bruce Rogers, a Life in Letters, 1870-1957, by Joseph Blumenthal, 1989 1991-01
Bucheinbände aus Elf Jahrhunderten, by Ferdinand Geldner, 1958 1959-01
Buntpapier/Decorated Paper/Sierpapier, 2nd edition (revised and extended) 2016 2017-03
Buntpapier: Herkommen Geschichte Techniken Beziehungen Zur Kunst, by Haemmerle and Kirsch, 1961 1961-04
Bøger og Bogsamlere, [by] K.F. Plesner, 1962 1962-04
Calligraphy 1535-1885, A Collection of Seventy-Two Writing-Books...Introduction by Stanley Morison. 2,000 numbered copies, 1962 1962-04
Calligraphy and Palaeology, Essays Presented to Alfred Fairbank, 1965 1966-02
Calligraphy, Illumination and Heraldry: a Practical Guide, by Patricia Lovett, 2000 2001-04
Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Transactions of, Vol. III, Part II, 1960 1961-02
Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Transactions of, Vol. III, Part IV, 1962 1963-02
Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Transactions of, Volume III, Part 1, 1960 1960-03
Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, Vol. V Supplement, edited by George Watson, 1957 1958-01
Cambridge College Libraries, compiled by A.N.L. Munby, 1960 1960-02
Cambridge University Press 1696-1712, A Bibliographical Study, by D.F. McKenzie. 2 Volumes, 1966 1967-04
Campbell's Annales de la Typographie Néerlandaise au XVᵉ Siècle, by M.E. Kronenberg, 1956 1957-03
Canvassing Books, Sample Books and Subscription Publishers' Ephemera 1833-1951...Collection of Michael Zinman, 1996 1997-04
Carey & Lea of Philadelphia, A Study in the History of the Booktrade, by David Kaser, 1957 1958-02
Carrying off the Palaces: John Ruskin's Lost Daguerrotypes, by Ken and Jenny Jacobson, 2015 2015-02
Carter's Caps: An Alphabet of Capital Letters Cut by Will Carter...1982 1987-01
Cartmel Priory Church, the Ancient Library in, Catalogue by David Ramage, 1959 1960-02

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