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Ce N'est Pas Mon Genre de Livres Lestes...Lettres Inédites [de F. Hankey] à R. Monckton Milnes (1857-1865), by Duprilot and Goujon, 2012 2013-03
Cecily Mary Barker and her Art, by Jane Laing, 1995 1996-02
Centenary Edition of the Works of Hawthorne, Edited by William Charvat and Others, Vol. 1, The Scarlet Letter, 1962 1963-02
Cento Anni di Libri: La Biblioteca di Bellisario Bulgarini e della sua Famiglia, c. 1560-1660, by Daniele Danesi, 2014 2014-04
Chamberpot & Motherfuck, Exhumation [i.e. Ian Jackson], 2917 2017-02
Charles Dickens: A Bibliography of his First American Editions, by Walter E. Smith, 2015 2016-04
Charles Earl Stanhope and the Oxford University Press, by Horace Hart. Repr. 1966 1967-03
Check-List of the Older Books in the Library of Roland Winder, December 1966. [On Conjuring.] Privately Produced 1967-02
Checklist of the Hogarth Press 1917-1938, compiled by J. Howard Woolmer, 1976 1978-02
Checklist of the Hogarth Press 1917-1946, by J. Howard Woolmer, 1986 1989-02
Checklist of Trade Bindings by Margaret Armstrong, by Charles B. Gullans and John Espey, 1968 1970-04
Chemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical Books...before 1800...University of Wisconsin Libraries, edited by John Neu, 1965 1966-04
Childhood in Poetry, a Catalogue of...English and American Poets [in] the Shaw Collection [at] Florida State University. 5 Vols. 1968 1969-04
Childhood in Poetry, A Catalogue, Second Supplement , [in the] Library of the Florida State University, by John Shaw. 2 volumes, 1976 1978-02
Childhood in Poetry, Supplement to the Catalogue of the Shaw Collection at Florida State University. 3 volumes, 1972 1974-01
Children and Their Books: A Celebration of the Work of Iona and Peter Opie, edited by Avery and Briggs, 1989 1990-03
Children's Books in England, by F.J. Harvey Darton, [1982] 1982-04
Children's Books of Yesterday, by Philip James, 1976 1977-03
Children's Books Published by William Darton and His Sons, by Linda David, 1992 1993-04
Christina Rossetti, a Descriptive Bibliography, by Maura Ives, 2011 2012-03
Christopher Plantin and Engraved Book Illustration in Sixteenth-Century Europe, by Karen L. Bowen and Dirk Imhof, 2008 2013-01
Christopher Plantin, by Colin Clair, 1960 1960-03
Circus and Allied Arts: a World Bibliography, 1500-1957, by R. Toole Stott. Volume 1, 1958 1958-04
Circus and Allied Arts: a World Bibliography, 1500-1962, by R. Toole Stott. Volume Three, 1962 1963-03
Circus and Allied Arts: a World Bibliography, by R. Toole Stott, Volume II, 1960 1961-01
Cities of the World: a History in Maps, by Peter Whitfield, 2005 2006-03
Civilité Types, by Harry Carter and H.D. Vervliet, 1966 1966-03
Clandestine Erotic Fiction in English 1800-1930, A Bibliographical Study, by Peter Mendes 1993 1994-03
Cobwebs to Catch Flies: Illustrated Books for the Nursery and Schoolroom 1700-1900, by Joyce Irene Whalley, 1974 1975-03
Cock-a-Hoop: A Sequel to Chanticleer, Pertelote...being a Bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press 1949-1961, by David Chambers, 1976 1977-02
Codex Sinaiticus: The Story of the World's Oldest Bible, by D.C. Parker, 2010 2012-03
Coffee: a Bibliography, produced by Richard von Hünersdorff and Holger G. Hasenkamp. 2 volumes, 2002 2005-01
Collecting Old Tasmanian Books, by Ian J. Wilson, 2010 2011-03
Collections of Nothing, by William Davies King, 2008 2009-01
Collector's Book of Boys' Stories, by Eric Quayle, 1973 1974-04
Collector's Book of Detective Fiction, by Eric Quayle, 1972 1973-02
Collector's Progress by Wilmarth Lewis, 1952 1952-03
Collectors and Owners of Incunabula in the British Museum: Index of Lilian G. Clark. Privately Printed, n.d. 1962-04
Collectors, Booksellers and Libraries: Essays on Americanists... By William S. Reese, 2018 2018-04
Colonial Editions in Australia, 1843-1972, by Graeme Johanson, 2000 2001-03

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